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Solution Based Approach,
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The right solution for the problem no matter how big or small
Strategic Operational Technology Consulting
  • Business Analysis: Strategic, operational and technology from full business model to individual task level
  • Business Reengineering: Transform your operation with or without technology as an enabler
  • Technology Consulting: Full range of development, revision and maintenance services for websites, databases and applications; networks and specialized equipment
  • Full Project Management: From problem identification to post implementation testing and training
  • Vendor Review, Selection and Negotiation
  • Interim C level management (CEO, COO, CFO, CTO)
  • Turnaround and Crisis Management: When cash flow is critical
  • Product Assessment and Redesign: To appropriately fit the front to back value delivery proposition, including design for manufacture and delivery
  • Stategic Alliance Management
  • Off-The-Shelf Software Selection Review and Analysis
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