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JScore Web 2.0 Platform incorporates years of web development experience and expertise. It has been created by professional web developers, programmers and system analysts.

Through the years of professional web development, we found out what is the true curse of every medium-to-large scale project. It's all about countless intricated dependencies between the elements. Highly trained developers and analysts spend hours and hours of their precious time on tracking and maintaining those dependencies. Mishandled dependencies often result in severe errors, data corruption, downtime, and huge losses for the business.

JScore makes the difference in the way it treats dependencies. The entire platform is Dependency-Driven. It puts dependencies at the first place, unlike traditional procedure/event driven technologies. This revolutionary approach allows to dramatically reduce the costs of development, revisions and maintenance. It opens the new horizons of web site flexibility and scalability.

Despite the innovations, JScore is not something that requires web developers to learn from scratch. Everyone who ever worked with a spreadsheet, will easily grasp the Dependency-Driven concept.

The powerful Web 2.0 Template Engine gives the edge of ultimate control to the web designer. They will find template syntax familiar to popular platforms on the market, but same simple syntax produces a vivid dynamic page that instantly responds to user's actions and to external events.

The power of the template engine is virtually unlimited. For example, let's say a news feed, or search results, take a while to be produced, and hold the entire page down. With JScore, the solution is just a simple option in the template, that will make the sluggish elements load dynamically after the page is loaded.

In conjunction with the template engine, the URL Mapping Engine will maintain seamless navigation throughout the site. The web site will use the ultimate Web 2.0 power of your browser when running on your PC or notebook. When viewing same site on a mobile phone, or when the search engine robot crawls through it, rich Web 2.0 features won't be available, but all the site navigation will still remain intact.

Object Mapping Engine allows to access data from various databases, feeds, data files, and even external web pages. It will transparently syndicate, cache and synchronize data from different sources.

JScore Application Program Interface (API) allows to integrate your web site with existing PHP or JavaScript code. JScore Web 2.0 blocks can be easily embedded on into other web sites.

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